Mind boggling; this press of words

Apparently 19% of the whole damned internet runs on WordPress.

There’s another stat that wordpress powers 48 of Technorati’s top 100 blogs, and that’s fine and dandy. but 19% of the whole internet? That goes far, far beyond just blogs.

WordPress, if you can believe it, powered most of Bloc’s consumer facing website when I worked there. WordPress powers some of the most trafficked and well designed sites in the world. It’s because it’s very powerful. And it’s often far easier and effective to leverage WordPress than to build a homegrown CMS.

We are struggling with that exact issue right now. And as much as I can empathize with those that look down upon WordPress, I’m a very big believer in being good at one thing – and licensing the rest. I have gotten Bloc very far, very fast, with very few resources, by always remembering that we’re in the education business, and not, for example, in the CRM-building business. Rather than building something, we gave ourselves over entirely to Marketo and Salesforce. It was painful. But today we have powerful reporting and analytics built on top of data coming from Marketo and Salesforce. And that reporting is democratized in a way that many users have access to it. Most of the time, if I want a new feature, we can add it within hours, not weeks. And without the help of our most valuable resource – engineering time.

The same would be true of WordPress, except engineers hate wordpress.  In my case, it’s a love hate relationship I can’t get rid of.


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